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2014 Schedule

Pomona, CA
Auto Club Raceway
February 6-9
Results: Quarterfinals

Phoenix, AZ
Wild Horse Pass Park
LODRS Regional
February 28-March 1
Results: Quarterfinals

Houston, TX
Royal Purple Raceway
LODRS Regional
March 7-9

Results: Win Event

Gainesville, FL
Gainesville Raceway
Amalie Oil Gatornationals
March 13-16

Results: Win Event

Charlotte, NC
Z MAX Dragway
4 Wide Nationals
April 11-13
Results: Second Round

Houston, TX
Royal Purple Raceway
O'Reilly Spring Nationals
April 25-27
Results: Second Round

Reading, PA
Maplegrove Raceway
LODRS Regional
May 23-25
Results: Semifinal Round

Lebanon, NY
Lebanon Valley
LODRS Regional
June 13-15
Results: First Round

Chicago, IL

Route 66 Dragway
O'Reilly Auto Parts Nationals
June 26-29
Results: First Round

Norwalk, OH
Summit Racing Equip. Park
Summit Racing Nationals
July 3-6
Results: NA

Epping, NH
New England Dragway
LODRS Regional
July 18-20
Results: NA

Atco, NJ
Atco Dragway
LODRS Regional
August 1-3
Results: First Round

Indianapolis, IN
Lucas Oil Raceway
Mac Tools US Nationals
August 27-September 1
Results: Second Round

Charlotte, NC
ZMAX Dragway
NHRA Carolina
September 12-1
Results: Semi Final Round

Reading, PA
Maple Grove Raceway
Auto-Plus Nationals
October 2-5
Results: Runner Up

Gainesville, FL
Gainesville Raceway
LODRS Regional
October 10-12

Las Vegas, NV
The Strip at Las Vegas
October 30-Nov 2

Las Vegas, NV
The Strip at Las Vegas
LODRS Regional

November 6-9

Pomona CA
Auto Club Raceway
AAA Auto Club Finals
November 13-16

11 Nationals / 8 Regionals

LODRS (Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series)

The Team

Dana Hopewell - Crew Chief

Bill Jones - Lead Crew Member

Sheryl Hopewell

Jerry Beasley

Larry Shields

In memory of
Ralph Freeman
A very dedicated member of Shields Racing to the end

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team please go to our Team Profiles page


Quick Update...

We wish all our friends and fans a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Shields Racing! See you in 2015!

Duane Shields Wins 50th Annual NHRA Auto Club Finals and Earns 20th Career Victory

Pomona - Duane Shields won the 50th Annual NHRA Auto Club Finals which closed the book on a great season for the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster team. The win marked Duane’s forth victory of the season, landing him in sixth place over all in the final Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series national point standings.

The Finals win stacks up as a career highlight and Duane’s 20th national event victory. Prior to Sunday, Duane had never won the Finals as it was always an illusive race so the team was happy to finally win the event . “This is awesome to go into the off season with a win at the 50th anniversary Finals. This win is for PEAK, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods and Brad Anderson Enterprises along with all my guys including Ralph Freeman who passed away last year” Duane acknowledged.

Duane qualified 9th with a 5.33 @ 266 MPH and faced red hot Joey Severance who swept the last two races in Las Vegas. At the starting line Severance went red by .004 and then shut off after rattling the tires. Meanwhile, the PEAK Dragster shook hard but Duane still found away to get it done with a 5.41 @ 260 MPH to advance into the second round.

In round two, Duane got by Chase Copeland with a 5.59 at 256 MPH. Duane dropped a cylinder on the run but it didn’t matter as Copeland lost traction off the starting line and aborted the run.

Next up was a semi-final battle between Duane and Aaron Olivarez. At the hit, it was Duane out of the box first with an .058 light to Olivarez’s .076. As Olivarez began to lose traction, Duane was on his best pass of the weekend as he ripped open a 5.29 at 272 MPH for a trip to the final round. “It was a good pass but I had to pedal it” Duane said.

In the finals, Duane faced Cameron Ferre who ran consistently quicker on each of the prior rounds so Duane had to bring his “A” game. At the hit, Duane was again out first with a 0.052 to Ferre’s 0.061. As the cars thundered towards the finish line, both dragsters began to drop cylinders but Duane held a sizable lead and crossed the stripe for his first NHRA Auto Club Finals title. “I should have pedaled it but I was on an adrenalin rush. But, the way we won this race was to get down the track on every pass. Some days the breaks go your way which they did today and sometimes you can run really well but you don’t get the win” Duane said.

Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for a great year in 2014.


Duane Shields Takes Quarter Final Finish at Vegas

Las Vegas - After racing all over the country, Duane Shields and the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster team returned to their home track for the NHRA Toyota Nationals hoping to produce another win in front of their hometown friends and fans. Even though the team fell short of a win they still had a pretty good weekend qualifying well and making it out of the dreaded first round. “Over all it was a pretty good weekend. Executives from PEAK were at the race and we had our racer appreciation dinner which was fun and well attended” Duane said.

Duane qualified ninth for the Vegas field with a 5.405 at 262 MPH which was respectable considering that there were 22 cars fighting to get into a 16 car field.

In round one, Duane went up against Dan Mercier who qualified eighth with a nearly identical 5.406 so it was any one’s race. As the cars left the starting line it was Duane out first with a .077 to Mercier’s .086. Duane’s car shook but he was able to pedal it in time to recover and maintain his lead by a wide margin. In the other lane, Mercier smoked the tires and tried to get back in it but he was too late as Duane stopped the clock with a 5.42 at 256 MPH to grab the win.

In the quarter finals, Duane faced number 1 qualifier Johnny Ahten. As the lights came down it was Ahten out first with an 0.077 to Duane’s 0.087. As the cars began to gain speed, Duane began to lose traction and aborted the pass when Ahten’s lead became insurmountable. Duane, who never had lane choice was in the right lane where it shook once again. “The A/Fuel cars were having some trouble in the right lane at the transition. I might have been able to pedal and made a race out of it had I noticed the shake a little sooner. But it’s always a challenge to do real well at your home track” Duane said.

Next weekend, the PEAK Team will be back at Las Vegas for what is usually the largest and last Lucas Oil Series regional event in the country. “We will be bringing out our World Championship car to get it ready to sell so that should be fun” Duane said. Free admission tickets for Saturday are available at all Short Line Express Markets. Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for all of their support this season.

Duane Shields and the PEAK Team Wins their Third Gainesville Event of the Year!

Hot off his impressive finish at the NHRA Nationals in Reading, Duane Shields won the NHRA Lucas Oil Regional event in Gainesville, Florida. It was a well deserved win for the PEAK Team and the third time they have won in Gainesville this year when you add in the NHRA Gatornationals and the Houston make up race which was also contested there.

Duane qualified sixth in the eight car field with a 5.49 at 264 MPH and faced Jared Dreher in the round one of eliminations. As the lights came down on the tree, Dreher was first out of the gate but his chances of a victory went up in smoke as he began to lose traction. Meanwhile, Duane was on a clean run and passed him before mid track. At the finish line, Duane stopped the clock with his quickest pass of the weekend a 5.42 at 269 MPH to Dreher’s 6.21 at 254 MPH.

In the semifinals, Duane’s opponent was Jeff Veale. Veale was out first with an impressive 0.021 light but Veale beat himself when his engine’s headers dumped too much raw fuel on the car’s slicks which caused traction problems. Duane made another clean and consistent run right down Broadway to earn a trip to the final round. The PEAK A/Fuel Dragster posted a 5.44 at 269 MPH to Veale’s aborted run. “The semifinal round was critical because we were able to leap over Jeff Veale for third place in the region and it decided the Regional Championship which Jackie Fricke won. Duane explained.

In the final round Duane raced against east coast regular John Finke. As the cars left the starting line it was Duane out of the gate first with Finke not far behind. Duane once again stymied the competition with another consistent cruise missile pass. Duane took the Gainesville victory convincingly with 5.48 at 266.64 to Finke’s 5.63 at 254 MPH. “We got a win and that’s always fun. But the track was marginal at best so the key was to motor down the track consistently without smoking the tires” Duane said.

Duane’s momentum and consistency has him optimistic as the NHRA tour heads to the southwest. “We are running better this year so we’ll see what happens at the next two events in Las Vegas which is our home track”. Duane would like to thank, PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for all of their continued support.


Duane Shields Nearly Reaches the PEAK as Team Makes it to Final Round in Reading

Reading PA - Duane Shields in the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster had an impressive weekend making it to the final round of the NHRA Nationals held at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. He also went three rounds in the Charlotte make up race which was contested during qualifying.

In the Charlotte portion of the event, Duane beat Rich McPhillips in the second round but lost a close race in the semifinals to Randy Meyer. Duane posted a very competitive 5.32 at 271 MPH to Meyer’s slightly quicker 5.28 at 271 MPH.

Duane qualified fourth in the tough Reading field with a 5.30 at 270 MPH. In the first round, Duane took on Wayne Morris. At the hit, Morris got the starting line advantage but Duane was able to over power Morris immediately when he lost traction. Duane took the win with a stellar 5.27 at 274 MPH to Morris’ 6.45 at 169 MPH.

In round two, Duane faced Mia Tedesco. As the lights came down on the tree it was Duane off of the first with a 0.052 to Tedesco’s 0.081. Duane then fought off a mid track charge by Tedesco and took the win with a sizzling 5.23 at 273 MPH to Tedesco’s impressive 5.24 at 272 MPH. “Mia ran really well today and I believe this was the quickest side by side race all year in Top Alcohol Dragster” Duane said.

In the semis it was a classic showdown between Randy Meyer and Duane Shields who have been battling it out all season. As the lights came down Meyer was out of the gate first and had the lead but began to smoke the tires. Meanwhile, Duane passed him and hung on for a trip to the finals posting a 5.26 at 273 MPH to Meyer’s 5.95 at 204 MPH. “Randy had beat us five times this year but we felt confident we would finally beat him” Duane said.

The final round pitted Duane Shields’ A/Fuel dragster vs. the quickest blown alcohol dragster in the land driven by newly crowned National Champion Chris Demke. At the start, Demke zoomed off the line with a nearly perfect 005. light. Duane was in hot pursuit but smoked a crank shaft at mid track which slowed him down. With the engine going away Duane was unable to catch Demke who crossed the finish line with a 5.26 at 272 MPH to Duane’s 5.39 at 255 MPH. “They had their lucky round in the semis and had to swap engines so Chris was wired on adrenalin by the time he got to the line and cut that .05 light. They had nothing to lose with the replacement engine and it worked well” Duane conceded.

Even though the PEAK team was disappointed they didn’t win the final round they were happy with how consistent the car performed. “We were very pleased with how well the car ran all weekend and feel good going into the last three races of the year. At this race we have a big cheering section full of friends and fans who we have gotten to know over the years so I was glad they could see us win some rounds and go to the finals” Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for all of their support this season.



Duane Shields and the PEAK Team Go Two Rounds at Indy

At the 60th annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals, it was two races in one for Duane Shields. Beside competing for the US National title, he had a little bit of unfinished business to attend too as the NHRA ran the final two rounds of the Lucas Oil Nationals from Brainerd during qualifying.

Duane was competing against Randy Meyer in the postponed semi-final round. At the start, Duane had to pedal the car but still had a super close race along side Meyer. At the other end it was Meyer taking the win with a 5.32 to Duane’s close 5.35.

Duane was then able to concentrate on winning the prestigious US Nationals title. In round one, Duane who qualified ninth with a 5.35 at 265 MPH faced Ashley Sanford. At the hit, Sanford red lit and then shook the tires. Duane went on to make a very smooth run after battling tire shake most of the weekend. Duane recorded a 5.37 at 263 MPH to advance to round two.

In the second round, Duane was determined to return the favor from his earlier defeat as he again faced Randy Meyer. As the lights came down, Duane was out of the gate first with an 0.050 to Meyer’s slower 0.094. Duane then experienced some early tire shake but was able to still make a race out of it. At the stripe, Meyer won a close one again as he rung up a 5.31 at 269 MPH to Duane’s valiant 5.37 at 268 MPH. The margin of victory for Meyer was just .0128 of a second.

Duane was very disappointed with the loss but happy with his team's effort. “The only reason we go to Indy is to win and Randy Meyer got me twice this weekend. We gave it a good effort but Indy plays out differently than other races so you never know what’s going to happen. We faced some of the best competition out there so we had the tune up on the edge and it was either going to work or it wasn't” Duane said.

Duane would like to congratulate Jay and Shelly Payne and the entire PEAK Top Alcohol Funny Car team on there big win at Indy as well as thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for all of their support in 2014.



Duane Shields Takes on Atco Field

Duane Shields didn't have quite the weekend he was expecting after some extensive testing prior to the NHRA Regional event in Atco, NJ. The good news was that he qualified with a 5.43 at 267 MPH for a tough eight car field. Six other teams became spectators prior to Sunday's eliminations.

Through testing and qualifying the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster made six good consecutive runs where the car made it down the track without smoking the tires. Then on the seventh pass which turned out to be the first round of eliminations, the car lost traction and smoked the tires which gave the win to Jerry Veale.

Duane was obviously disappointed but kept his spirits up. "We qualified which is always good when there are several great teams that didn't make the field. And, the car is showing signs of improvement. We just have a little ways to go still" he said. Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for all of their support this season.



Early Round Loss Leads to More Customer Interaction for PEAK in Chicago

(Chicago) Duane Shields in the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster had an early round exit from eliminations at the 17th annual O’Reilly Auto Parts Route 66 NHRA Nationals presented by Super Start Batteries. The silver lining was that the loss allowed Duane to spend more valuable time in the PEAK suite where he interacted with many of the company’s valued customers who were on hand to experience the excitement and raw power of the NHRA Mellow Yellow Drag Racing Series.

Duane qualified ninth in the field with a solid 5.44 at 263 MPH. In round one, he drew Shawn Cowie who qualified eighth with a 5.40 at 266 MPH so it was an evenly matched pairing between Duane's A/Fuel car and Cowie's blown alcohol combination.

As the lights came down, Duane reacted first with an 0.063 to Cowie’s 0.075 but that was a far as the lead would go as Duane went up in smoke and Cowie was on a clean pass to take the win. "The conditions had improved so we thought we could give it a little more power since we were going up against someone as tough as Cowie. But we were a little over center and went over the PEAK in the tune up. Next, we are going to Norwalk so we will think about this one for a couple of days and then concentrate on the next race” Duane said.

Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze, PEAK Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their much appreciated support.



PEAK Team No. 1 Qualifier for Second Race in a Row

(West Lebanon NY) For the second race in a row, Duane Shields in the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster was the number one qualifier. This time he sat on the pole at Lebanon Valley Dragway for the NHRA Lucas Oil Regional where 14 cars were competing to fill a tough eight car field. Rain plagued the event on Friday so qualifying was shifted to Saturday and eliminations took place on Sunday.

Duane ran a 5.34 in the first session to qualify in the top position. Then in the second and last session he hit the afterburners to record a blistering 5.28 at 271 MPH. “It’s great that we were able to qualify no.1 two races in a row. Division 1 has the best cars in the country so we are very proud of that accomplishment” Duane said.

Duane's first round pairing was with Dan Mercier who had squeaked into the field in the eighth position. At the launch both cars lost traction. Duane was about to abort the run but hit the throttle when he realized Mercier had also lost traction but the car got crossed up and there was nothing he could do to recover. Meanwhile, Mercier was finally able to hook up and take the win with a 6.49 at 256 MPH while Duane idled though.

The PEAK team didn't expect to lose traction at the starting line since it appeared that the conditions had not changed from the day before. “We were stunned. We have not smoked the tires in eliminations since the second race of the year and we backed it down expecting to run in the thirties to prevent this from happening. Normally, I can pedal it but this is the first time the car would not recover. But congratulations to Jackie Fricke for getting her first Lucas Oil Regional win” Duane said.

Next, the PEAK team heads to Chicago for the O’Reilly Route 66 NHRA Nationals. “This is also an All Star race which we are not in but we will still be competing against the best cars in the country and this is PEAK’s home territory so we want to do a good job representing them” he said. Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze, PEAK Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises.



PEAK Team Takes Pole Position at Maple Grove Lucas Oil Regional Event

Mohnton, Pa. - For the first time in three years Duane Shields qualified his PEAK A/Fuel Dragster in the number one position at an NHRA event. This time, the honor came at the historic Maple Grove Raceway during the NHRA Lucas Oil Regional event. Duane qualified his PEAK Motor Oil sponsored dragster on the pole in the Top Alcohol Dragster class with a blistering 5.26 at 273 MPH. Sixteen cars attempted to qualify for a tough eight car field which made being the top qualifier even more impressive.

In round one, Duane was matched up with Richard St. Pierre who qualified eighth. As the lights on the tree came down, Duane was out of the box first and had a sizable lead which he never relinquished in spite of having to pedal the car. He then crossed the stripe with a 5.35 at 268 MPH to take the win over St. Pierre’s 5.56 at 258 MPH.

In the semi finals, Duane faced Rich McPhillips. At the hit, it was McPhillips out of the hole first with Duane not far behind but he then lost some real estate when forced to pedal at the same place on the track as he did in round one. At the finish line it was a tight race but McPhillips got the narrow win and scored a 5.41 at 268 MPH to Duane’s close 5.43 at 270 MPH. “It was sort of frustrating because that was our slowest run of the entire event. We discovered after the race that we broke a valve spring in the semi finals or it would have run a .30 which could have won the race” Duane said.

Even though a mechanical issue slowed down the PEAK team, Duane was happy over all on how well the car performed. “The car is really coming around and we had our first number one qualifying position in over three years so we're happy about that. We are now looking forward to our next Lucas Oil Regional event at Lebanon Valley” he said.

Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for all of their support this season.



Duane Shields Exits Early in Houston

(Baytown, Texas) Duane Shields experienced an early round loss in the Top Alcohol Dragster class at the 27th annual O’Reilly NHRA SpringNationals presented by Super Start Batteries. The loss was a disappointment considering all of the team’s recent success but it was still a close and competitive race.

Duane qualified in the middle of the pack with a respectable 5.37 at 268 MPH which was good for the ninth seed. This would set up a rematch with former Top Fuel racer Mike Strasburg who runner-upped to Duane at the Houston Regional event. Strasburg qualified eighth with a nearly identical 5.37 so it was an evenly matched race.

As the lights came down on the tree, Strasburg got off of the line first as Duane trailed early. At the finish line it was Strasburg scoring a close win with a 5.37 at 271 MPH to Duane’s valiant 5.39 at 267 MPH.

The team now has a little time to regroup before their next regional event in Reading, PA, May 23-25. Duane would like to express his many thanks to PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for all of their support.



Red Hot Duane Shields Cools Off Slightly in Round Two at Four Wide Nationals

(Concord, N.C.) The PEAK A/Fuel Dragster continued to perform in competitive style at the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals until round two where Duane Shields lost a very close race to Jackie Fricke. The PEAK Team ran well throughout qualifying as Duane put the PEAK Dragster in the number two position with a 5.25 at 275 MPH. The success in qualifying naturally spurred confidence that the PEAK Team would do well in eliminations.

In round one, Duane faced number 15 qualifier Dan Page. At the hit, Page got a sizable lead out of the hole but the “PEAK Express” ran like a cruise missile and passed Page at the 330 foot mark and held on to win the round with a respectable 5.34 at 272 MPH to Page’s competitive 5.47 at 263 MPH. “The car shook a little bit so I had to give it a quick pedal" Duane said.

Duane then moved on to the second round to race Jackie Fricke. At the hit Fricke got a slight lead off the line with an 0.47 reaction time to Duane's 0.60 but he was still right there with her as they raced all the way down the 1,320. Both cars were side by side but Frickie got the win by just four feet as both cars ran nearly identical ETs. Duane was just a fraction quicker and posted a 5.364 at 267 MPH to Fricke’s 5.368 at 264 MPH. “We both had good lights and she ran really well. Since the car shook slightly on the last qualifying pass and because I had to pedal in the first round we made a timing and clutch adjustment. The two adjustments slowed us down a little too much and it gave us our slowest run of the weekend. Only one adjustment was needed".

Even though Duane lost in the quarterfinals he was still upbeat. “You know, when your 5.36 is your slowest run of the weekend you have to feel pretty good that you have a competitive and consistent car that can get down most tracks. We have never done real well in Charlotte even though we have made it to the final round here once before”. The PEAK team now moves on to Houston where they won the regional event earlier in the season. Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises.



Duane Shields Wins Big in Gainesville

(Gainesville FL) Duane Shields cleaned house in Gainesville and took home just about everything in the Top Alcohol Dragster class that wasn’t nailed down. It was a flawless double victory at the NHRA Amalie Oil Gatornationals for Duane driving the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster. “The car is now responding very well to our tuning and we are able to hop it up when needed and tune it to the track conditions. The car is running good which also gives us a chance to learn more” Duane explained.

On Friday, before setting his sites on his third Gatornationals title, Duane won the postponed Houston Regional Top Alcohol Dragster final. In that race, Duane took an easy win over Mike Strasburg who lost traction at the starting line. Duane posted a 5.28 which was also low ET for the second round of qualifying.

Duane qualified 4th overall with a 5.28 at 272 MPH which set up a first round meeting against Dan Page driving Art Gallant’s car. At the hit Duane was out of the gate first and scored a 5.36 at 272 MPH win over Page’s 5.43 at 263 MPH. “They made a very good run against us and we were side by side all the way down” Duane said.

In round two, Duane took on Matthew Cummings. Cummings was noticeably late off the line and again it was another total domination for the PEAK team as they advanced to the semi finals with a 5.38 at 272 MPH over Cumming’s 5.95 at 197 MPH.

In the semi finals, it was a race between two former National Champions, Bill Reichert and Duane Shields. Both drivers proved why they are former champs since they had identical reaction times as both cars left the line with 0.75 lights. Reichert managed a slight lead but Duane grabbed the lead at 330 feet out and never looked back as Reichert dropped a cylinder. Duane took the win with a 5.30 at 273 MPH over Reichert’s 5.43 at 262 MPH. “That was a critical race and we left at the same time. Bill had some slight problems but we were able to make it all the way down the track with a strong run” Duane said.

In the finals, Duane raced the Gatornationals’ defending event champion, Rich McPhillips. At the hit McPhillips got a sizable starting line advantage but then he began to drop cylinders. As was the case in the previous round, Duane was able to gain enough momentum to blast past his opponent and take the win with another consistent and highly competitive run. Duane won the Gatornationals title with a 5.33 at 266 MPH over McPhillips’ 5.47 at 261 MPH. “Rich was my toughest opponent all weekend. I saw his car next to me for a long time. I dropped a cylinder and I was holding on to the steering wheel hoping he wouldn’t pass me at the finish line” Duane said after the win.

Duane is not only happy that he now has a consistent car, he is excited that some of his new crew members finally got to celebrate a win. “Some of my newer crew members have never won a Wally before so this win is for them to enjoy” he said. Duane would would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises.



Duane Shields Competes at Phoenix Regional to Start Three Race Road Trip

(Phoenix) Duane Shields and the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster team competed at the Phoenix NHRA regional event held at the recently refurbished Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park to start a three race road trip.

In qualifying, the bump spot in Top Alcohol Dragster was a stout 5.45 so everyone in the class had to bring their “A game” just to qualify. Duane got in the show with a respectable 5.37 at 259 MPH to qualify 6th. Duane’s 5.37 sealed the deal during the final qualifying session as the two previous runs, a 5.59 and 5.58 were slowed by mechanical malfunctions and were not quick enough to get in the field.

On Saturday night it had rained so the track would be a guessing game for not only the PEAK team but the rest of the field during the first round of eliminations. Duane faced number 3 qualifier Joey Severance who had qualified with a strong 5.31 at 265 MPH. Unfortunately for Duane, Severance had lane choice and naturally took the best lane which would ultimately be a factor in the race.

At the hit, both drivers left close to the same time with Severance getting a slight advantage off the line with a .052 to Duane’s .055. But at .65 seconds into the run Duane smoked the tires while Severance was on a clean run and won the round. "The computer showed we almost made it but we were a hair too aggressive and we were just over center or we would have made a good run” Duane explained.

Even though it was a challenging weekend, Duane is happy that the car is running well to start off the three race trip which will take the team to Houston next weekend for another Regional event and then on to Gainesville the following week for the NHRA Gatornationals.

Duane would like to thank his marketing partners PEAK Antifreeze, Peak Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their support.



Strong Performance and Consistency Returns for PEAK Team at NHRA Circle K Winternationals

(Pomona CA) After struggling last year it appears that the PEAK team’s hard work and testing during the off season has paid off. At Bakersfield during a two day test session, Duane Shields ran a sizzling 5.29 at a non-national event prepped track “I feel encouraged and looking forward to the season for sure. We are getting good at collecting data and we’re quickly adapting to the rules that have made both the A/fuelers and the alcohol cars equally competitive” Duane said.

In qualifying, Duane was back in the top half of the field at Pomona. He qualified sixth with a strong 5.36 at 266 MPH.

In round one, Duane was matched up against Ross Stickler who qualified eleventh with a respectable 5.54 at 256 MPH. At the hit, Stickler got out of the gate first and maintained the lead to half track but the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster was gaining momentum and took the lead the rest of the way. Duane posted a winning 5.34 at 270 MPH to Stickler’s 5.82 at 179 MPH.

In the second round, Duane faced the no. 3 qualifier Don St. Arnaud who had lane choice. As the lights came down, St. Arnaud was out of the gate first with a good light. Duane was in hot pursuit and nearly ran St. Arnaud down. But, St. Arnaud was on one of his best passes of the day and was able to maintain a slight four foot lead to take a narrow victory. St. Arnaud recorded a 5.29 at 278 MPH to Duane’s quicker 5.26 at 270 MPH. “He had a good light against my average light. This class is too competitive to have an average light. But he ran well against me and got a hole shot win” Duane said.

Even with the quarterfinal finish the PEAK team’s 5.26 was the best ET of the weekend for the A/Fuel dragsters which gives the team some renewed optimism. This season there have been some fresh changes in the crew and the car has been rebranded PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil. In addition, Duane welcomes back Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK, GRP and Brad Anderson Enterprises.

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