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Adam Shields

Duane would like to thank all the loyal fans, racers, crew members, officials and sponsors for their support of the Shields family.


At Press Time:

2018 Eastern Regional Champions!

What's New?

After nearly a month long break in July, the PEAK team is back in action with races in Atco, NJ and Brainerd before the big one, the NHRA US Naionals!


Race Schedule and Results


Market: Brainerd, MN
Track: Brainerd Int. Raceway
Event: Lucas Oil Nationals
August 15-18
TV: Fox Sports FSN1




2019 Season Schedule

Pomona, CA
Auto Club Raceway
Lucas Oil Winternationals
February 7-10
Results: Quarterfinals

Belle Rose, LA
No Problem Raceway
LODRS Regional
March 1-3
Results: Postponed

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville Dragway
LODRS Regional
March 7-10
Results: Semifinals

Gainesville, FL
Gainesville Raceway
Amalie Oil Gatornationals
March 14-17
Results: Semifinals

Charlotte, NC
ZMax Raceway
Four Wide NHRA Nationals
April 26-28
Results: Semifinals

Mohnton, PA
Maplegrove Raceway
LODRS Regional
May 24-26
Results: Event Champion!

Chicago, IL
Route 66 Raceway
Fallen Patriots NHRA
Route 66 Nationals
Jegs All Star Race
May 30-June 2
Results: Semifinals

Norwalk, OH
Summit Dragway
Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals
June 20-23
Results: Semifinals

Lebanon Valley, NY
Lebanon Valley Dragway
LODRS Regional
June 28-30
Results: First round

Atco, NJ
Atco Dragway
LODRS Regional
August 2-4
Results: Semifinals

Brainerd, MN
Brainerd Int’l Raceway
Lucas Oil Nationals
August 15-18

Indianapolis, IN
Lucas Oil Raceway
Chevrolet Performance
US Nationals
August 28-Sept. 2

Epping, NH
New England Dragway
LODRS Regional
September 6-8

Mohnton, PA
Maplegrove Raceway
Dodge NHRA Nationals
September 12-15

Richmond, VA
Virginia Motorsports Park
LODRS Regional
October 4-6

Charlotte, NC
ZMAX Dragway
NHRA Carolina Nationals
October 11-13

Las Vegas, NV
The Strip at Las Vegas
Toyota NHRA Nationals
Oct. 31 - Nov. 3

Las Vegas, NV
The Strip at Las Vegas
LODRS Regional
November 7-10

Pomona CA

Auto Club Raceway
AAA Auto Club Finals
November 14-17

11 Nationals / 8 Regionals

LODRS (Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series)


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Duane Shields Makes it to the Semis at Atco Lucas Oil Regional Event

After nearly a month off, Duane Shields had a decent return to the quarter mile. The PEAK Team competed at the Lucas Oil Regional event held at Atco Raceway. Duane lasted until the semifinals, when both he and his opponent suffered problems on the historic track. Duane qualified with a strong 5.30 at 276 MPH to land in the fourth position. "Number four is pretty good since the East Coast is a tough region to compete in with large fields and tough match ups" Duane said.

In round one, Duane was matched up with Tom Fox. At the hit, Fox went up in smoke right off the line so Duane and the PEAK team grabbed an easy win with a 5.46 at 270 MPH. "The car slowed down in the first round and I don't know why. As a result we made a couple of very slight adjustments going into semis".  Duane explained. 

In the semi-finals, Duane would have his hands full against Troy Coughlin Jr. As the lights came down on the tree it was Coughlin out first with an .052 reaction time to Duane's .079. Unfortunately for Duane, he went up in smoke instantly. Coughlin also began having problems of his own a little farther down track and had to abort his run. Seeing this, Duane tried to recover but did not gain enough traction to pass him. "It's all or nothing with these cars. Usually we can recover if we smoke the tires unless it's in the first twenty feet, then there is not much we can do. When I saw that Troy was having an issue I got back on the throttle but was not able to catch up in time. We're obviously disappointed as that was a round we should have won" Duane said. 

Next, the team moves to Midwest for the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals in Brainerd, MN. Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods, Brad Anderson Enterprises, Hot Wheels Car Care Products, SRI and Clean Boost for their support.

Duane Shields Experiences Early Round Loss Due to Poor Traction

Duane Shields made his annual appearance in beautiful upstate New York at the scenic Lebanon Valley Dragway for a Lucas Oil Regional Drag Racing Series event. The Nevada standout driving the popular PEAK A/Fuel dragster made three solid runs in qualifying with his best run being a respectable 5.33 at 271 MPH to qualify third over the ten cars competing to get into a tight eight car field.

In round one, Duane faced east coast regular Dan Mercier.  Unfortunately, the traction wasn't there and Duane severely smoked the tires at the hit. Mercier, also suffered some traction loss but not nearly as bad. Mercier was able to pedal his way to the win with a 5.74 over Duane's 13.96.

The PEAK team now takes an early summer break and will be back into action in Atco, NJ, for another Lucas Oil Regional event, August 2-4.  As always, Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods, Brad Anderson Enterprises, Hot Wheels Car Care Products, SRI and Clean Boost for their support.


Duane Shields Continues to Go Rounds at Summit Motorsports Park

Norwalk Ohio -  Duane Shields continues to have a great season usually lasting well into the late rounds and the Summit Speed Equipment NHRA Nationals held at Summit Motorsports Park was no exception. Duane went to the semifinal round ending a great weekend where the car ran exceptional. 

Duane qualified third with a 5.28 at 273 MPH which set up a first round pairing with long time alcohol dragster standout Mike Kosky. At the hit, Kosky was off the line first with an .042 light to Duane's .103. But Kosky's initial lead could not overcome the PEAK Dragster's quicker run and succumbed with a 5.57 at 254 MPH to Duane's 5.37 at 274 MPH.

In round two, Duane faced up and coming driver Krista Baldwin. Duane launched off the line first with an .092 reaction time to Baldwin's .115. It turned out to be a very tight side by side race as both cars ran nearly identical 5.28 elapsed times. Duane's better reaction time was the difference in the race which allowed him to take the win and move on to the semifinals.
In the semifinals, Duane took on newcomer Will Smith. As the lights came down Smith was out of the gate first with an .041 to Duane's .081. Unfortunately for Duane, he began to experience tire shake which loosened up a connector and activated an onboard electronic device called a Leahy system which shut down his car.  Meanwhile, Smith ran an otherwise beatable 5.59 at 265 MPH. "Even when I have to pedal through shake I'm usually in the 5.30 range so it's likely we would have gone to the finals. Norwalk was a tricky track, either you could get down it without any problems or you would lose traction" Duane said. 

Next, the team moves on to Lebanon Valley Dragway for a Lucas Oil Regional event, June 28-30.  The team would like to recognize PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods, Brad Anderson Enterprises, Hot Wheels Car Care Products, SRI and Clean Boost for all of their efforts in supporting Shields Racing.

Duane Shields Makes it to Semis in Both the Route 66 and All Star Race

Chicago - Duane Shields and the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster team had a good outing at the Route 66 NHRA Nationals. While they didn't come away with the win, they took the number one qualifying position and lasted through the semifinals in their sponsor's hometown. This event is also the home of the JEGS All Star race for the NHRA sportsman classes. It is contested during qualifying prior to the national eliminations. Duane represented the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series' eastern region. Prior to the race, the team was treated to a BBQ while displaying the PEAK Dragster at the Old World Industries headquarters.

JEGS All Stars Race:
In the first round of the All Stars, Duane defeated Josh Hart in a close race. Duane was out of the gate first with an 0.060 light to Hart's 0.074. Duane was able to take the win with a 5.31 at 275 MPH to Hart's competitive 5.38 at 273 MPH.

In the semis things got interesting as Duane faced Joey Severance. Shortly into the run the win light came on in Severance's lane which caused Duane to let off the throttle thinking he had just red lit. But Duane didn't red light. It turned out a moth had broke the timing beam at the top end which caused the win light to come on in Severance's lane before he even got to the finish line. The NHRA would not rerun the race which highly disappointed Duane. 

Route 66 Nationals Eliminations:
In the first round of the national race, Duane was matched up with Marina Anderson. At the hit it was Anderson who got out of the gate first. However, she did not have the power to seal the deal and Duane took the victory with a 5.39 at 274 MPH over Anderson's slower 5.46 at 250 MPH. 

In round two, Duane called on Oregon's Garrett Bateman.  Bateman knew he would need the whole package including a good reaction time to beat the PEAK team but he went red in the process and automatically handed the win over to Duane. It would have been a close race had everything played out. Duane ran a stout 5.21 at 278 MPH to Bateman's close 5.23 at 274 MPH.

After Duane's 5.21 the PEAK team looked unstoppable in the semifinals when they raced Chris Demke.  As the lights came down Demke was off the line first with an 0.039 to Duane's 0.090 and never lost the lead as he rang up a 5.22 at 275 MPH to claim the win over Duane's 5.30 at 275 MPH. "The car shuttered and I had to slightly pedal. Even so it was a good representative weekend for the PEAK team" Duane said after the race. 

The PEAK team now takes a short three week break before heading to Norwalk, Ohio for the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, June 20-23. Duane would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods, Brad Anderson Enterprises, Hot Wheels Car Care Products, SRI and Clean Boost for their support.

Duane Shields Wins Maple Grove Lucas Oil Regional Event

Duane Shields takes his first win convicingly at the Lucas Oil Regional in Reading PA

Reading PA - Duane Shields in the PEAK A/Fuel Dragster took out number one qualifier Troy Coughlin Jr. in a hole shot to win the NHRA Lucas Oil Regional at Maple Grove Raceway. Duane's starting line reaction time made the difference in the win as Coughlin had a slightly quicker run. The victory was Duane's first Lucas Oil Regional win of the year. 

The PEAK Team qualified second in the Top Alcohol Dragster class with a stout 5.23 at 279 MPH and took on Dan Mercier in the first round. Unfortunately for Mercier, he was late getting out of the gate with an 0.115 light giving Duane full advantage with a quicker 0.063. At the top end, Duane took the stripe with a powerful 5.26 at 276 MPH to Mercier's decent 5.33 at 278 MPH.  

In the semis, Duane faced Earl Nichols. Once again, Duane left on his opponent with an 0.052 reaction time to Nichols' 0.062. Duane maintained the lead and took the round win with a sizzling 5.30 at 276 MPH to Nichols' valiant 5.43 at 247 MPH.

In the finals, Duane created an impressive hole shot win over Troy Coughlin Jr. At the hit, Duane rang up a .051 to Coughlin's .081 to get the starting line advantage. Both cars were side by side down Broadway with Duane taking a narrow victory with a 5.205 to Coughlin's quicker 5.203. "It was a tight match up in the final as Coughlin outran us when racing his opponents in the previous rounds. We knew we would have to step it up in the finals to win and we did. It also helped that I was having a good driving weekend" Duane said. 

The PEAK Team could not have picked a better regional event to win at than Maple Grove Raceway. "It was a lot of fun because there is a great group of people who live in the area that follow us throughout the year. We enjoyed winning the race and getting them in the winner's circle with us" Duane mentioned.

This week, the team rolls into Chicago for the combination Route 66 Nationals and the Jegs AllStar race. "It's always good to get a win right before the Allstar race. But first we are looking forward to visiting Old World Industries which is the headquarters for PEAK. There will be a car show and we will get a chance to meet the employees while we are there" Duane said. 

The team would like to thank PEAK Antifreeze and Motor Oil, Final Charge, Blue Def, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods, Brad Anderson Enterprises, Hot Wheels Car Care Products, SRI and Clean Boost for their support.

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