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Madison Payne did a great job driving the Muscle Milk Dragster this weekend. She qualified 6th with a smooth 5.25 at 260 MPH.

Race Schedule and Results


Market: Reading, PA
Track:Maplegrove Raceway
Event: Lucas Oil
May 28-30




2021 Season Schedule

Belle Rose, LA
No Problem Raceway
LODRS Regional
Feb 26 - Feb. 27
Results: WON EVENT

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville Dragway
LODRS Regional
March 5-8
Results: Runner Up

Gainesville, FL
Gainesville Dragway
March 11-14
Results: Round One

Atlanta, GA,
Atlanta Dragway
NHRA Southern Nationals
April 30 May 2
Results: Round One (Madison)

Charlotte, NC
Zmax Dragway
Fourwide Nationals
May 14-16
Results: Round Two

Houston, TX,
Houston Raceway Park
Mopar Spring Nationals
May 21-23
Results: Round One (Madison)

Reading, PA
Maple Grove Raceway
LODRS Regional
May 28-30

Lebanon Valley, NY
Lebanon Valley Dragway
LODRS Regional
June 18-20

Norwalk, OH
Summit Raceway Park
Summit Nationals
June 24 -27

Atco, NJ
Atco Raceway
LODRS Regional
Aug 6-8

Epping, NH
New England Dragway
LODRS Regional
Aug 20-21

Brainerd, MN
Brainerd Raceway
Lucas Oil Nationals
Aug 19-22

Indianapolis, IN
Lucas Oil Raceway
Chevrolet NHRA US Nationals
JEGS All Stars
Sept. 1-5

Reading, PA
Maple Grove Raceway
NHRA Keystone Nationals
Sept. 10-12

Charlotte, NC
ZMax Raceway
Carolina Nationals
Sept. 17-19

Richmond, VA
Virginia Motorsports Park
LODRS Regional
October 24-26

Dallas, TX
Texas Motorplex
NHRA Dallas Nationals
October 7-10

Las Vegas, NV
The Strip at Las Vegas
NHRA Dodge Nationals
Oct. 29-31

Las Vegas, NV
The Strip at Las Vegas
LODRS Regional
November 4-7
Defending Champion

Pomona, CA
Auto Club Raceway
Auto Club Finals
Nov. 12-14

14 Nationals / 9 Regionals

LODRS (Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series)



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Payne Continues to Impress in Houston at Springnationals

Houston - Madison Payne showed a lot of promise in her second start at the 34th annual Mopar Express Lane NHRA SpringNationals presented by Pennzoil. The Texas event was plagued by bad weather all weekend which allowed for only one qualifying round before eliminations. Madison made the best of it by qualifying sixth with a fine 5.25 at 260 MPH on an early shut off run. 

In round one, Madison raced Robin Samsel. As the cars left the line it was Madison out first with a .128 to Samsel's .132 light. It was a close race all the way to the finish line but it was Samsel who grabbed the stripe first to take the win. Samsel scored a 5.28 at 275 MPH to Mardison's close 5.32 at 279 MPH.

Car owner and primary driver Duane Shields was happy with the effort but hoped for a first time round win for Madison. "The car ran great out of the box in qualifying, but because of the weather we were reduced to just one run which didn't give Madison much seat time. And, just like in Atlanta there was a delay right before we ran and that didn't help us either. I'm looking forward to giving Madison more opportunities as we move forward" Duane said.

The team now moves on to Maplegrove Raceway, May 28-30th in Reading, PA  for a Lucas Oil Regional event where Duane will be back behind the wheel. Duane and Madison would like to thank Muscle Milk, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their support of Duane Shields Racing this season.

Duane Shields Competes in His First Ever Four-Wide Race in Charlotte

Duane Shields was back in the driver seat in Charlotte and took on a tough field of competitors at the NGK NTK NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, NC. This was the first Four-Wide event that Duane had competed in so it was a new experience for the Muscle Milk A/Fuel Dragster team.  Under the Four-Wide format, each class is divided up into four cars competing in groups of four. The first and second finishers move on to the next round. "This was a new experience for us and I always support something new, especially when it's one of our sponsor's races." Duane commented after the event had been completed. 

Duane qualified 7th with a decent 5.24 run.

In the first round, Duane dropped a cylinder on the run while still placing second in the group with a 5.32 at 265 MPH to go on to the next round. Julie Nataas was the first place winner of the quad with 5.22 at 270 MPH.

Moving into the second round, Duane lost by a whisker with a competitive 5.25 at 279 MPH as two of the other four cars had him covered with a pair of 5.21 runs. "The second round was tougher. There were a lot of good cars running good numbers but we ran respectful. We were not expecting a lot because we have been working on a new tune-up and sometimes you have to go backward before moving forward again.

This coming weekend the team moves on to Houston where Madison Payne will be behind the wheel. Duane would like to thank Muscle Milk, NGK Spark Plugs, GRP Connecting Rods, Cleanboost, and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their support of Duane Shields Racing in 2021.


Maiden Debut of Madison Payne

Atlanta - Madison Payne, a third-generation racer and the daughter of racing standouts Jay and Shelly Payne, made her debut this past weekend at the Lucas Oil NHRA Southern Nationals. Madison drove Duane Shields' Muscle Milk sponsored A/Fuel Dragster in the Top Alcohol Dragster class. "The Southern Nationals was a good chance to get Madison acclimated with the car and work with the team" Duane said.

Madison who is a college student and lives in Claremont, California, was one of six female drivers in the top alcohol dragster field. She qualified in the eighth position with a respectable 5.34 at 276 MPH. 

In round one, Madison matched up against Mick Steele who qualified seventh. As the lights came down on the tree, Steele was out of the gate first with a .81 reaction time to Madison's .95. Just a few feet off the starting line, Madison smoked the tires and got off the throttle. Steele, in the other lane, was on a clean run and took the win. "I felt the car lose traction and got off the throttle right away. I then thought darn, the race is over" Madison said. She then explained, "We were up there forever and it was hot. There were some delays in the top alcohol funny car class and the track wasn't the best. We were the first pair out but had we been back in line further Duane would have had the opportunity to make some last-minute changes" she said. 

Duane added, "It's really tricky and difficult when you only get two qualifying runs but she knew what to do. After the car lost traction she got off the throttle and saved us parts".

Duane went on to announce that Madison is a permanent member of the Muscle Milk team and will drive periodically throughout the season. "We are excited to have her on our team. She does a great job for our sponsors and the team. We will take this experience and take it to Houston where she will drive next" he said. In the meantime, Duane will drive the Muscle Milk car at the NHRA  NGK NTK Four Wide Nationals in Charlotte scheduled for May 14-16. 

Duane would like to thank Muscle Milk, Cleanboost, SRI, GRP Connecting Rods, NGK Spark Plugs and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their continued support of both Duane and Madison during the 2021 season.


Shields Cools Off at Gatornationals

Gainesville, FL - After a hot streak of two final round appearances to begin the season, Duane Shields in the Muscle Milk A/Fuel Dragster suffered an early round exit in eliminations during the Amalie Oil NHRA Gatornationals. Duane was able to squeeze a competitive 5.28 out of his dragster in the third qualifying stanza which matched him up against Jackie Fricke in round one,

As both cars left the starting line, Fricke got the advantage with a .63 light over Duane's .114 reaction time. Fricke was on a great run and stopped the clock with a 5.21 at 277 MPH to take the win over Duane's 5.31 at 276 MPH. "We struggled and chased our tune up all weekend while Jackie had qualified well and then ran good against us"' Duane said. 

From here, the team will take a break before rejoining the national tour in Atlanta for the NHRA Southern Nationals, April 30-May 2. Duane would like to thank Muscle Milk, Cleanboost, SRI, GRP Connecting Rods, NGK Spark Plugs and Brad Anderson Enterprises for their continued support.


Muscle Milk Team Makes it to "Baby Gators" Final Round

Gainesville, FL - For the second time this season and the third time if you count the final race of 2020 in Las Vegas, the Muscle Milk A/Fuel Dragster team made it to the final round of an NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series regional event. This week, the team went to the finals at the "Baby Gators" held the week prior to the Amalie NHRA Gatornationals. 

Due to a rainy weather forecast, qualifying was limited to just two rounds and there were 14 good teams fighting to get into a tight eight-car field. After an aborted run in the opening qualifying session, Duane got into the show as the seventh seed with a 5.30 at 277 MPH.

In the first round of eliminations, Duane took on Rich McPhillips Jr. in the green McPhillips family entry. At the hit, it was McPhillips out first, with a .075 reaction time to Duane's .096 but it didn't take long for Duane to nose ahead and capture a close win with a 5.28 at 277 MPH to McPhillips' competitive 5.31 at 278 MPH.

In the semifinal round, it wasn't pretty as both Duane and his opponent Mick Steele smoked the tires. Duane's experience came into play as he was able to pedal four times to get the Muscle Milk car down the track and posted a 7.36 at 236 MPH to take the win. Steele, in the other lane, was never able to get a good bite on the track and had to idle to the finish line. 

In the final round, Duane raced Julie Nataas. At the start, both cars were on a good run but Duane started to lose traction at the 330 foot mark. Meanwhile, Nataas was on a clean pass and took the victory with a 5.23 to Duane's 11.23. "We think old tires were to blame for the loss of traction and we will have a new set on the car next weekend" Duane explained.
The Muscle Milk team will spend the next few days getting ready for the Gatornationals and hope to extend their final round hot streak. Duane summed up the "Baby Gators" this way. "I'm disappointed. We wanted the win but anytime you get in the finals it's a good weekend". Duane would like to thank his sponsors including Muscle Milk, NGK, Brad Anderson Enterprises, GRP Connecting Rods, SRI, and CleanBoost for their support in 2021.


Shields Takes Big Win to Start the 2021 Season in Belle Rose

Belle Rose, LA - The Muscle Milk A/Fuel Dragster team came from behind the eightball to grab a major win at the opening NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series regional event held at No Problem Raceway. "Due to scheduling conflicts, we did not have a chance to test the car this season other than here in Lousiana.  Each test run had to be aborted which left us with two qualifying runs and those passes didn't go well either" Duane said.  Since there were exactly eight cars, Duane made the show in the eighth and final qualifying position. 

In the opening round, Duane raced the number one qualifier, Dan Mercier. Unfortunately for Mercier, he applied a little too much power to the track and smoked the tires. Duane made his first competitive run of the season to take the first-round win with an impressive 5.35 at 272 MPH. "We had to be careful with the power curve because it's a tricky track. Once we learned that and found the right balance the car ran consistently well" Duane said.

In the semifinals, Duane got by Karl Brounkowski by a whisker. Brounkowski, got out of the gate first and was leading Duane at half-track. But then the Dana Hopewell horsepower kicked in and Duane was able to pass him before the finish line in a heart-pounding win. Duane scored a 5.34 at 272 MPH over Brounkowski's valiant 5.40 at 252 MPH to advance to the final round.

In the finals, Duane took on Rachel Meyer. Meyer had to pedal while Duane was on another clean pass and took the victory with a 5.32 at 275 MPH over Meyer's close 5.35 at 278 MPH. Duane was thrilled with the surprise win after a shaky start to begin the weekend. "This was a big win for us and I am very happy how quickly our crew got the car turned around including our two new crew members Zack Wingo and Patrick Browne. Also, a big thanks as always to Cam, Dana, and Sheryl Hopewell" Duane said.

The team now moves on to Florida for back-to-back races in Gainesville beginning with a regional event followed by the season-opening Amalie NHRA Gatornationals. Duane is looking forward to returning to Florida where he has won both the regional and national events multiple times. "We hope to continue the success we had here today when we move on to Gainesville" he said. 

Duane is also happy that all of his sponsors have returned for the 2021 season including Muscle Milk, NGK, Brad Anderson Enterprises, GRP Connecting Rods, SRI, and CleanBoost.


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